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Crabby Baby

Do You Recognize the 3 Warning Signs of Colic

Most babies are fussy and cry off and on. So, just because a baby cries, that doesn't necessarily mean she has colic. If your baby seems healthy and well-fed, but cries a lot, especially in the evenings, she could have colic. Below are the three warning signs of colic. Colic Sign 1 - … [Read More...]

Infant Massage

Baby Fart Aerobics-Funny Name or Fabulous Remedy for Baby Colic?

Are you seeking a remedy for your infant's tearful episodes due to discomfort from colic and gas? Jini Patel Thompson and her comically titled DVD, Baby Fart Aerobics, may become a great new resource for you. Why does baby farting relieve colic and crying? It's true that the title is comical. … [Read More...]

Mom walking with baby in sling

5 Reasons to Try a Baby Sling

Do you find that right around 5 p.m., your baby seems to get really cranky? Nevermind that you need to cook dinner, your phone is ringing off the hook, and your 2nd grader has math homework out the wazoo. It would be awesome, right, if there was a way for you to accomplish all these tasks, and … [Read More...]

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